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  Pastor Jimmy Root Jr. - Author Page

Pastor Jimmy Root Jr.
and his wife Jean

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An ordained minister with the Assemblies of God for over 25 years, Jimmy is the Lead Pastor of Family Worship Center of Smithville, a growing suburb of Kansas City, MO. Originally from the Mid-west, he and his family have lived in both Central and South America, serving as church planters and mentors, adding a wide range of multi-cultural experience to the study and teaching of ancient Biblical prophecy. With a deep love of Pastoral ministry and writing, Jimmy is a musician and enthusiast of most styles of music, nearly every sport on the planet, fishing, hunting, reading, biking; He is also a fanatic of Nebraska Cornhusker Football.

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 as one of our authors. We are also glad to be the publisher of his E-book

Distant Thunder - Book One -
The Lightning Chronicals

Sample Chapter

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The  ancient  prophecies are being fulfilled, and now the unthinkable is about to happen.  Israel and America are being targeted by several terrorists with tactical nuclear weapons, and they are bent on nothing less than the total destruction of their enemies.
     Strap in with Israeli F-16 LIGHTNING fighter pilot, Moshe Eldan, as he heroically defends his isolated nation against a plot hatched by Iran and Syria. An Iranian SAEGAH THUNDER missile is aimed at the port city of Haifa and Lightning fighters are called to do the impossible.  But there is more to Moshe's struggle than duty. His journey leads him toward faith in the Truth as his secular beliefs are challenged by Bible prophecies that are seemingly coming true 10,000 feet beneath him.
     Meanwhile, Pastor Ty Dempsey has been warning his suburban Kansas City church that ominous prophecies are destined to come true, and do so in the very near future.  Many are listening: others are stirring trouble.  The loss of his younger brother to the war in Iraq, along with a deepening church squabble, will test Ty's character and calling.  His  only  reprieve is found in a budding  relationship with talented and beautiful  singer, Blake Sieler.   Both  will face a deadly  firestorm beyond that of a church conflict.
     Join Moshe and Ty in a  roller-coaster adventure that will lead them to the edge of the greatest disaster in history, up until now.

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