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Tyler Cole
Tyler Cole

After graduating from high school at the age of 17 in Waterville, N.Y., Tyler Cole spent the next seven years of his life as a Russian linguist with the U.S. Naval Security Group. This was followed by a civilian career that started as an hourly employee and ended as a senior executive with the Sara Lee Corporation. In May of 1979, at the age of forty, Tyler accepted Christ as his Savior after attending a Full Gospel Business Men’s meeting. 
For the last twenty-six years, Tyler has been serving God, growing in his relationship with his Savior, and teaching hundreds of people about their spiritual gifts and unique ministries as members of the family of God. Tyler resides with his wife Debbie and the youngest of seven children, David, in Asheboro, N.C. They have ten grandchildren.
                                            Tyler L. Cole, author

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Born Again... And 
Still In The Wilderness
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‘Born again…and still in the wilderness” is a Christian living guidebook. This book was written for those who have accepted Christ but find themselves “wandering in the wilderness of life far apart from the promises and abundant life that Jesus declared in the Holy Scriptures. These are those who never realized that there is a journey to be made and are unaware of the biblical process that requires their active participation. God spoke through the prophet Hosea identifying the source of this problem succinctly in Chapter four and verse six. He said, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” Ignorance can be deadly!
The exodus of God’s people from Egypt was “a type and shadow” of the spiritual journey required of New Testament believers. To their great demise, virtually all of God’s children died in the wilderness having never set foot in the “Promised Land.” This same thing is happening…again! Vast numbers of believers fit the category of “wandering in the wilderness of life”… and know it. They have heard, and tried, the prosperity message etc., but it isn’t working for them.
‘Born again…and still in the wilderness spotlights the problem and provides a “roadmap” out of the wilderness and into the “Promised Land.” It is hard hitting and backed up with more than one hundred relevant scripture verses. This book will be enlightening, and helpful, to those believers who know that something is wrong and are searching for answers. This fresh insight will enable them “to find their way home.”
The demographic scope of the target audience is broad and includes believers of all ages, denominations, nationalities, and ethnic groups.

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