In this profound and insightful text, Tyler Cole brings together a series of important subjects into a significant whole. Each of his twelve chapters is complete in itself, but all come together nicely to make a powerful statement. His aim and purpose are clear – to equip the reader with the knowledge that he may live victoriously, defeating Satan at every turn.

In his delightful and readable style, Tyler deals with basic issues that should be foundational in every Christian's life. From being born again to being filled with and led by the Holy Spirit, this book has great scope. It incorporates such topics as seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, peace, the power of the tongue, and even the use of money.

With a warm and winsome way, Tyler gives some practical advice for victorious Christian living. You will be blessed to read the testimony of a distraught mother of a rebel without a cause. Tyler's own personal examples also make for much interest.

Read and enjoy, but take this book seriously. Pray the prayers, for they will impact your life in a powerful way. Be open to Tyler's suggestions and act on his advice. You will find yourself walking and living in the realm which is ordered “not by might, nor by power,” but by the Spirit of God.

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