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Geoff Wright Christian Author from Australia
 Geoff Wright

Geoff Wright lives in a small seaside village on the beautiful far south coast of Australia, with his wife and children (and his fish.) Right from an early age he fell in love with the outdoors; especially the sea. When he was very young he lived on a small farm, and spent many happy hours searching the creek for small fishes, tortoises and many other make-believe creatures. He learned to ride a horse at the age of four, and sometimes rode his horse to school. When he was eight years old his family went to live on a river. There were no roads or cars down by the river, making it a very secluded and idyllic place to live. After school he spent many happy hours fishing, and sometimes hiked with friends up the river to exciting and unexplored places. These magical experiences and places have helped form the backdrop for many of the settings in his books.

He began reading books at an early age, and started writing short fantasy and science fiction stories, which his teacher would read to the class. His favourite subject all through school was English, and he won a Commonwealth Scholarship before going on to university to study English Literature and Marine Biology. He also has spent time studying at Moore Theological College. He is a keen environmentalist, and supports the local zoo for endangered species. He owned a Christian bookstore for several years, and would like to use the sales from his own books to support BBECET, a local Christian high school program designed to help teenage kids make the right choices in their lives.

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Joshua's Angels

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Joshua Sharpe is a young boy with a big problem. He has schizophrenia, and he has stopped taking his medication. When his mother arranges a teacher to come to his home, neither she nor he has any idea that the kindly old woman is in fact a member of a dangerous cult. After surviving a terrible ordeal with the cult, he becomes too difficult to manage at home, and is sent to a hospital for the mentally ill. Things go from bad to worse when he escapes with another patient, Michael, who informs him that the “Soul Stealers” who run the hospital are going to try and take away their souls.

This is the beginning of a dangerous ordeal for both the boys, as neither has a full grip on reality, making life on the run a very hazardous and frightening time for both of them. His mother and big sister Gabrielle go in search of Joshua, not knowing that he has found a hideout with his new friend Michael in a local swamp (which he is sure is the Garden of Eden.) With only confused memories of stories from his big sister's God book to guide him, and a burning ambition to return to the safe refuge of the "Angel Tree" in his back yard, it will take a miracle for him to find his way back home. How this eventuates is a miracle in itself; but as his big sister once told him, "not all angels have wings."

Christian Writers E-book Net, is proud to have 
Geoff Wright as one of our authors. We are also
 glad to be the publisher of his second E-book
From The Mouth of the Beast

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The second chronicle of The Awakening of Alfroz the Dreamer.

Against all the odds, Alfroz’s elder has slain the great Dragon beast, emerging victorious from its mouth. But instead of releasing the elder, the Dragon warriors take charge of him, insisting that he is to be their new god. Much to Alfroz’s horror and dismay, the ancient goes along with their madness, even announcing to Alfroz that he has had his own prophetic dreams, and that it is right for him to be their god. What is he doing? Has he lost his mind?

Finally the three friends are taken off the island and back to the mainland. The elder is taken away with Araphaxad, the warrior-king, while the other two are abandoned. This is the beginning of a very troubling time for Alfroz. In fact, it is the most difficult problem he has ever faced. It is an age-old problem; one that has tormented people everywhere since the beginning of time. Does he follow his head, and do what he can to rescue his elder, or does he follow his heart and pursue his dreams? The dilemma is especially difficult, for of late his heart has been filled with two people, and his loyalties have been divided. Waybrook of the Waterfalls is his unexpected companion on this journey. He finds her both fascinating and annoying at the same time. When he is with her he can scarcely think about anything or anybody else. Except his elder. What should he do? To go off with her makes him feel both the hero and the traitor all at once.

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