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Sheila A. Schoonover
Sheila A. Schoonover

Sheila A. Schoonoverís Biography

Hi, my name is Sheila Schoonover I was born and raised in Hillsboro, Oregon. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and King when I was 14 yrs. old. I have been married for almost 36 yrs.

My husband and I have raised two wonderful son's who are now 25 and 22 yrs. of age. As of now we are still waiting for our beautiful future grandchildren to arrive sometime in the future when God brings it all into place. We live on five acres out in the country where there is lots of trees and it's very quiet and peaceful. I love being involved in different activities out side, hiking, camping, fishing, rollerblading, biking, jogging, pickle ball and when it's raining (it does a lot) l love to play racquetball and indoor pickle ball. Life is Great and Life is Good. I pray God will allow me to be here on this planet for a very long time. Right now I have a standing bet for ($100) with our youngest son that I will be rollerblading on my 100th birthday. I'm almost 59 yrs. old now so I only have a mere 41 yrs. and 3 mo. until I win. I wonder how much Taco Bell will cost me then?

Any way I live for God first in my life and my family. Who ever God sends into my life now is just bonus, because the older I get the more bold I'm talking about Jesus Christ as being God in spirit when he died on the cross. The time is getting nearer and nearer for his return. Praise God. Not much to my life, I'm pretty simple. But hey, I do know that Jesus Christ is God Deity ALONE! So if you are in question about the truth. Pray and ask him. He will set you straight about who he is, guaranteed. God Bless.

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Prayer Thoughts by Sheila Schoonover

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God has always been a huge part of my heart and I have always been fascinated and in love with the fact that God is just plain and simply God Deity Alone. He has taught me so many things in my life that I found myself one day about five years ago just wanting to express my feelings, my heart and my thoughts about who he is alone as God.

My relationship with my savior God Jesus is absolutely phenomenal these day's and God has inspired me to put these beautiful Prayer Thought's into e-book format. I'm very excited for people to read and use these precious prayers about God to inspire their personal relationship with Jesus and I pray your desire to be with him in honor and glory continues to grow on a day to day basis. Enjoy and I pray God will always be the only true living God that you will know and worship forever. Because he is!!

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