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Thomas Roessing



by Thomas Roessing

Authorís Biography

 ∑ I have studied the following and others as well.
 ∑ Derek Prince: Expository teaching of Scripture.
 ∑ The Theology of Martin Luther by Paul Althaus.
 ∑ The Theology of the Cross by Walther Von Loewenich.
 ∑ Gerhard Forde: The Christian Life; CHRISTIAN DOGMATICS
   Vol.2;  1984 version.
 ∑ Dr. R.C. Sproul: 88 lectures and 2 books, Reason to Believe and The
   Invisible Hand

 ∑ Martyn Lloyd Jones; 10 audio tapes, Mt. Olive MS.
 ∑ My brother Eric was my mentor in theology and ministry. He graduated
 ∑ Pastor Warren Litzman; Christ-Life Ministry.

Reformed Theology: From the perspective of the sovereignty of God.
Dispensation theology: I explain the change that took place at the cross and living in the dispensation of grace.

The Table of Contents

Part 1: God Communicates With Man
1 Godís Revelation of Himself
2 The Authority of the Apostle Paul
3 God Given Faith

Part 2: God Reveals the Problem and the Solution
4 Godís Revelation of Sin
5 Godís Wrath
6 Godís Amazing Grace
7 Born Again: Christ Lives in the Believer
8 Saying Thank You Lord: Appreciation
9 Almighty God as Father
10 The Trinity
11 The Work of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament
12 Jesus IS Lord

Part 3: The Work by Which God Forms Each Believer into a
             Unique Image of Christ Jesus,
His Son, preparing us for
             His Kingdom in the New Heavens and New earth.

13 Godís Purpose For Suffering and Adversity
14 Prayer From Godís Perspective
15 Learning From Opposites
16 Men, Women, Boys, and Girls ARE Salt and Light
17 Civil Governments and Human Rights
18 From Law to Grace

Part 4: The Importance of the Church

19 The Sacraments and the Local Church
20 Heaven: The King is Coming!

Experience in Ministry:
1988-1990 Willow Creek Community Church: Small group leader.
1991-1992 PEOPLE to PEOPLE Ministry: Bob George Founder and President. Small groups ministry.
1992-2002 CHRIST-LIFE FELLOWSHIP: Small group leader. 1993-2003
Published Articles: LIFE IN THE SON magazine:
  ďFrom Godís Mind To Your MindĒ Vol. XXXIII Number 262
  ďUnderstanding the Christ-LifeĒ Vol. XXXVI Number 281

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"Correcting the Misconceptions
of the Christian Life."

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"Correcting the Misconceptions
of the Christian Life."

To argue the logic of God, I use the Apostle Paulís approach revealed by Christ. Christ laid the foundation for the New Covenant in the gospel of John, and Paul expanded on what Christ began. Do pastors see the need for this teaching? This book is about what God is doing on earth to reveal Himself to the believer through scripture. As one who has studied theology and how it relates to the Christian life for over 34 years, I can tell you many people in Churches have an incomplete or incorrect impression of the Christian life. Why? There has been a lack of teaching in Churches on the doctrines of the New Testament explained in Epistles of Paul. Christianity has been getting off track in recent years. The gospel, including Christ in the believer, must be taught not just as being helpful or therapeutic, but because it is first and foremost TRUE.

This book is not about trying through our pathetic self-effort to please God by imitating the Lord Jesus Christ. It is letting God's divine nature flow through us as we bring Christ into us as indwelling Lord. God is not in the business of improving our old sin natures. Instead, God is subduing our old sin nature so Christís resurrected life in us may be recognized by unbelievers. Paul said we must learn Christ. He did not say to just learn about Christ. What did he mean? The two halves of the gospel are, a) believers have been placed in Christ on the cross for justification before the perfect righteousness of God, and b) as a result of Christís death on the cross for us and His resurrection from the dead, He has come alive in us as the faithful, obedient, indwelling Lord when we exchange our selfish and greedy life for Christís life in us as new creations. A death to the old self is necessary through trials and tribulations and a new birth to the new self takes place Ė we become new creations in Christ while retaining our uniqueness as individuals.

The Apostle Paul received his revelation of the mystery from Christ to understand Godís plan in this present evil age. Godís people are receiving a complete and thorough Spiritual education here on earth. This Spiritual education is by the study of God in sacred scripture, prayer, learning through all of the troubles and trials of life, and the beauty of His creation. Believers are being disciplined by their ability to trust and obey here on earth for the privilege of managing and ruling in the New Heavens and New Earth. Another reason for our troubles and trials here on earth is that we need to be made into reliable people so we can correctly handle the inheritance we will receive with Christ to reflect Godís righteousness and holiness. This is why believers are being ďconformed to the image of Christ.Ē As a result, we see living the Christian life is not something we have to do; it is something we get to do. With so many passages in scripture written out, people will be helped and motivated to get into scripture themselves. This book is Reformed theology but it also explains the change that took place after the cross and resurrection.

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