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Pastor Bob Hutchinson
Pastor Bob Hutchinson

   I have always been a storyteller. Before, “Incident In The Oregon Desert,” was ever written, students in schools where I have been a substitute would ask me to tell them a story. I had many stories of things I had done, people I had known, places I had gone, or stories I had read, and stories I had been told when I was a child.
    I began to tell them stories that happened in the communities I had been serving over the many years of being a small town minister. Their favorite story has always been, “Incident In The Oregon Desert.” Then I wrote the story for my brother, “Wally.” Now, I especially dedicate this ‘telling’ of the story to him.
    Incident In The Oregon Desert,” is the first E-Book I have written about The Oregon Desert. I have fallen in love with the Oregon Desert. As you read this story and the stories following this story, I hope you become a person who loves the desert as much as I do.

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Incident In The Oregon Desert
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   Some experiences are 'stranger than fiction.' My new Ebook,  Incident In The Oregon Desert tells a story that is an experience like this.
   It left me shaking my head and wondering if I had a dream or did the events of the eighteen hours of incredible events and happenings really take place. Meeting Ken Worth at two o'clock in the morning changed me. I am not the same person I was before meeting him. And our meeting changed Ken. He was changed and I was changed.
   As you read this fictionalized true story; you will learn the secret of why we were changed by, "Incident In The Oregon Desert."

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