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Rene and Sheena Notter
Rene & Sheena Notter

After graduating from High School at the age of 17 in Switzerland. Rene Notter spent the next three years in a Chef college in Fribourg, Switzerland, after graduating he worked for 3 years in various restaurants. Then he moved to Bermuda, where he met his wife Sheena in May 1986. At the age of 27 Rene accepted Christ as his savior after attending an open-air crusade operated through Helen Velonis Ministries. For the last twenty years Rene has been serving God, growing in his relationship with his Savior and teaching people about their spiritual gifts and authority they have in Christ. Rene resides with his wife Sheena in Bermuda. Rene Notter, Author.

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"The Dynamics of 
Reaching Your Goal"

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“The Dynamics of Reaching Your Goal” is a living guidebook of how to reach your goal in a practical way. Have you ever thought on the last day of the year, why you haven’t achieved as much as your desired? This book will show you how to set those goals and how to achieve them in a simplistic, step-by-step manner. Hosea 4:6 ~ “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” It is my desire that you do not repeat the mistakes that I made in my life. I learned the hard way. I stepped on many mines (bad choices) and had many body parts blown of (consequences of choices). I know God allowed me to live not for my sake, but for yours, so that you would learn from my mistakes and not perish in your life’s journey. The concepts in this book are the products of my life. They represent the fruits of nearly 20 years experience of trials and errors. It is my desire to help you to develop realistic goals; learn how to achieve them and not fall into the trap of the following scenario…. A man walked in a large video store, which contained 20,000 movies. After he was looking around for 2 hours. The cashier asked the man if he needed help. No thank you ~ I don’t know what I am looking for! The point of this story is this: The man will never find the movie he is looking for because he did not have a movie in mind. So it is with all of us without clear direction in our life. We will all end up somewhere in life, but not were we wanted to be. Have we not all tasted of the disappointments in life from making bad choices? Why don’t you ask God for direction in your life? It was Him who gave you all your gifts and talents, so that you are well equipped to be a success in your life journey. The Dynamics of Reaching Your Goals provides a practical understanding of ‘goals’ – defining them, and, then enabling you to apply simple steps to achieve them. The target audience includes every person who has a desire to achieve something in his lifetime.

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