I first started this book in February of 1975. Between having my typewriters stolen and the 24 moves between then and 1995, and having lost all my reference notes during the course of my moves, (and as a result having to search to relocate my references, which takes a lot more work than the initial discovery), and the normal changes which life brings us as a part of existence, I am only now able to present this work for consideration, minus several of those references, for I was never able to relocate some of them. This will explain the places in the book where it seems I should have furnished a researched basis for some of the things I have said. For the most part, I have furnished at least one reference for the various technical statements I have made.

I have marveled at the things I have gone through safely while watching others fall into disaster. I have watched, in sadness, as roommates or acquaintances have gone to prison, fled into life on the run, or have died. I have seen others do things to try to harm me, out of selfishness or malice, causing themselves much grief, and I have walked away unharmed. During the years before knowledge of the Truth caught up with me, more of the same happened, before I knew why.

I have done too little to show my gratitude and still fall far short of living according to what I already know. (Anyone who knows me well would have to agree.) Regardless, I have been granted mercy, and have been shown things that others need to know. “but God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise,….so that no one may boast before him.” (1 Corinthians; 1:27, KJV, NIV)

I hope I have maintained perspective while being given insight. Some of the subject matter, by necessity, requires more intense reading and considered thought, while some may be beyond the knowledge of some readers. This is not meant to confuse or confound, but only to be offered to those who are able to use this information and be enlightened by its significance. If the reader is not able to use that particular information, skip it and move on. Extensive intellectual knowledge and/or a high I.Q. are unnecessary to a relationship with God, for the God of the universe is a God of mercy. (Indeed, Solomon, considered the wisest man of his time, advised against too much wisdom and knowledge. (Ecclesiastes 1:18)

A few of my references are from sources opposed to what I believe and say, or are limited in the significance, by lack of insight, they are able to offer the reader, even though their detailed knowledge of specialized subjects is massive. (It has been said, “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” Often the truth is staring the unwilling observer in the face, invisible to him by choice. At times they have to look around the truth in order to see the lie.) If a reader of this books wants to refer to some of the books that I have read, this needs to be considered. Some of the most useful information I have found has been hidden in the works of those who have not recognized its true significance and value. Others have mined the work of others who had something profound to say, yet have only gleaned the superficial facts, instead of the deeper meaning. This may be true of even the most well educated scientist. Perceptual distortions of the most profound truths, created by a lack of desire to recognize the existence of a deeper meaning and significance, keep them from seeing that truth. The confusion caused by being without this knowledge can cause despair to the seeker and reduces the truth available to those who have yet to understand some scientists’ perceptual disability. Others of my references would not be considered to be academically sound, but I am not specifically addressing the academic community, as I would be in an academic treatise, though there is something of that in places.

  It is with this understanding I remember an introduction a friend of mine once wrote to introduce a book of poetry and lyrics I wrote over 25 years ago which had the same name as this book. Only fragments of that collection were ever published. I think, however, that what he said expresses most eloquently our anguished search of that time, and was of more value than what I wrote.

 “In the days of our youth, as we cry for Cosmic Conscience, we turn, in doubt, to our children, hoping to lead them to a little higher path through life, praying that they will never be caught, as we are, somewhere between madness and the dream.” – Ron Youngblood

   I dedicate this book to all my family and friends, who have helped and/or been a blessing to me in so many ways, ways that they know all too well, including my mother, who I wish had lived to see this. I’d also like to dedicate this book to Ron, who understood and cared enough to try to give me the right answer to the question I didn’t even know how to ask. (The answer was, “Yes, there is a God.”) In so doing, he gave me just enough understanding, and consequently, enough focus to define my only other questions, and as a result, find those answers. (Those answers are, “Yes, you can know and have a relationship with the living God, but only through faith in His Son, Jesus, the Messiah, the Christ, through His shed blood, and through personally fulfilling that blood covenant God made with various men down through history, as archetypes who preceded us, and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Through Him and by Him you can have access to His wisdom, knowledge and understanding. You can be saved from the twisted nature of this world, which is what causes you to be that way, yourself.”) Thanks, Ron. I hope this book will help answer some of your questions. God bless you, Pam, Macy, Ben, and all the rest of your family.

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