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  Author Page - Kathleen Marie Lunetta

Kathleen Lunetta, Author of  the e-book, The Deadly Secret
Kathleen Marie Lunetta

     Hello, My name is Kathleen Marie Lunetta, I write fictional stories. I was raised in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, but now live in Las Vegas, Nevada. A very different change from the East coast. I have always loved writing and have written stories all my life. Writing is not only my work and passion, but it is a very fulfilling job and it relaxes you, as well. It is also a great honor and pleasure to finally have my first book published. It makes the hard work all worth while in the long run.
     Mostly my work is Christian supernatural thrillers, where it pits Good verse Evil. My stories warn of the dangers of playing with witchcraft and siding with the forces of darkness instead of the righteous  God. Spells and demons all exist and its not a game when people get involved and it turns deadly. It is my greatest hope that people become aware of the dangers found in dabbling in these areas and get set free from the bondages of witchcraft and the occult.
     My story is fast paced and is a gripping Christian supernatural thriller, which I believe will catch the attention of a lot of readers. The young girl in the story is basically just like any other young girl who loves her brothers and wants them protected and safe from harm and danger.

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The Deadly Secret
Sample Chapter 1

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     Melody, a young Christian girl, finds out she is destined to fight Satan's world of evil and devil worshipers. Things become truly complicated  when she learns her two brothers, whom she lives with, are involved in a devil cult. The leader of this Satanic cult turns her brothers against her and tries to use her in a deadly ritual that could end up costing her life. Melody is in a race against time to not only save her brothers from the lies told them by the Satanists, but try to stay alive while fighting the threat of evil.

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