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Daniel Hundley, author of, Spiritual Assets: Resources For Living In Our World Today
Daniel Hundley

     Daniel was born in West Virginia, and has remained a lifetime resident.  He attended Marshall University, graduating with a BBA in Accounting.  A MSM in Public Administration was earned from West Virginia Graduate College.
     Employed as an accountant and supervisor, he has worked in a diversity of organizations. Among them are a manufacturer in the private sector, the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and the West Virginia Department of Health & Human Resources.
    Receiving Christ as his Savior as a youngster, Daniel has made it an objective to place the Lord first in his life. While attending college, he began to teach Bible studies. From there, he progressed to teaching Vacation Bible Schools and Sunday school classes. 

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Spiritual Assets:
Resources For Living In Our World Today
Sample Chapter 1
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     Myriad stress factors, such as economic uncertainty and terrorist threats, along with various personal challenges, confront Christians
today.  This book reveals that coping is accomplished by enjoying a close relationship with the Lord.
     Our relationship with God is enriched by "spiritual assets" He provides.  Assets are resources available for use.  To receive maximum
benefit from them, they must be employed.
     Both instruction and exhortation are utilized.  Illustrations from the Bible are depicted.  Approximately 125 Bible references are cited,
with readers being encouraged to study the passages for further edification.
     Numerous personal experiences reflect the practical application of the book's points.  Readers residing in both rural and urban locations will be able to appreciate the examples presented.
     Aspects of assets are compared with God's glorious provision, made possible by His wonderful grace.  The relevance of types of spiritual assets is considered.  The concluding chapter represents an undertaking of an inventory of the spiritual resources.

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