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Christian Author, Bill D. Hallsted
Bill D. Hallsted

Bill D. Hallsted's Biography

Bill D. Hallsted began life as a cowboy and horseman, breaking wild horses to ride for spending money in his early teens. He moved on to work in mining, carpentry, construction, law enforcement, and finally restaurant management.
He entered the ministry after he and his wife’s second child was two years old. He is currently Minister of the Hot Springs Christian Church, in Hot Springs, South Dakota. He holds Bachelors degrees in Sacred Literature & Ministry and a Master’s Degree in Counseling.
He is a free lance writer, with nearly two hundred articles published in more than seventy seven Christian and secular magazines. He has written one published Christian novel, thirty three published Western novels, and currently has a Christian/Fantasy novel under contract to be published this year. This is his first book published in ebook.

He and his wife of fifty years have lived in Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Wyoming and Minnesota. They are parents of five children, including one severely handicapped son, who lives at home. They have ten grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

This novel grows out of his experiences in both counseling and law enforcement, and his intense concern for the current direction of our nation. Especially worrisome to Pastor Hallsted is the growing pressure on school teachers at all levels to inculcate the teaching that homosexuality is normal in all classrooms. He is especially aware of those pressures because one of his daughters and a son-in-law are both public school teachers, and experiencing that pressure.

The novel is written in fantasy/reality genre – current reality with windows into the spiritual realm and the intrusion of evil into our society, and even through agencies of our government.

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Way Out of His League

The book opens with a attack on Jim Goodman by four wolves, inside the city of Otter Falls where he lives and has a construction business.
The story then “backs up” to relate the events of his sixteen years in Otter Falls, and his growing unease with a lot of things that don’t add up in his mind. They range from the corruption of the “good old boy” network in Otter Falls to the Global Warming drumbeat.
He runs a guest editorial in the town’s newspaper, questioning whether Global Warming is a real event, or a lever being used to bring about a massive increase in the size and control of government over everyone’s lives. He relates that his father talked of the same causes being cited as the reason for “Global Cooling” when he was in school, and the strident predictions of a “New Ice Age.”

The editorial elicits a reaction way beyond anything he ever dreamed. In response, he runs a second guest editorial, defending his position and expanding it. The response is even more violent. He has to send his wife and two children into hiding. He sends them to Carol Stream, Illinois, to stay with an old friend of his wife’s for a time.
That’s when the wolves came. The morning after the attack, in which he manages to kill all four wolves, he is en route to report it to the police, when he discovers there is no trace of the dead wolves, and all traces of blood, etc., have been carefully covered over.

In seeking help and understanding, Goodman is eventually referred to an attorney in Swenson City. After checking his background, interviewing him, etc., he confides in him that what he has seen is part of a much larger and more sinister scheme than he has imagined. A prominent gay rights activist, Cameron Coolidge, who has become Assistant Secretary of Education in the president’s cabinet, has arranged a “human relations seminar” in the Otter Falls school district, at which he will be the speaker. The thrust of the seminar is the absolute necessity of all teachers, staff, and administrators to make it a part of every class and every school activity to actively teach that homosexuality is right, normal, moral, etc. Any departure from that posture will result in instant termination regardless of tenure, etc. The Otter Falls School Board already has in hand a resolution, personally written by Coolidge, that mandates that policy. It is scheduled to be presented and voted on, without reading or discussion, at a School Board meeting the day following that seminar. There are already over a hundred “facilitators” in place, and seminars scheduled in nearly every school district in the nation, to follow suit immediately, all across America. Otter Falls has been chosen as the bell-weather place to begin, because it is a conservative, western area. If it initiates this program, its proponents can say, “See, even the most conservative areas recognize this is good and right.”

Goodman is given copies of the documents, leaked by someone in Coolidge’s Staff, verifying the information. He runs a third editorial in the Otter Falls newspaper, exposing the whole thing, and (literally) all hell breaks loose.
A very sophisticated effort is made to seduce Jim into a liaison in which it is planned for him to be video taped, disgraced and discredited.
His daughter defies the “no cell phone” restriction in their hiding location, they are discovered, and an attempt is made on their lives.
Jim arranges to meet them in Minnesota, and drives to that rendezvous. After a near-miss in that location, they think they are safely away. At a rest stop, when his wife and daughter emerge from the rest stop building, Jim sees a demon-spawn creature coming at him to kill him. He is barely stopped from trying to stop the creature with bullets, when he spots a wedding ring on the monster’s finger. That tips him off that it isn’t really a monster – it’s his wife, that some evil force is trying to force him to kill.

They return to Otter Falls, and Jim learns the woman who failed to seduce him has been brutally murdered.
He also learns, in a couple conversations with his Minister, that all of the “crusades” going on in America are, eventually, connected to the attacks of Satan against all that God is, says, commands, and desires. While they are not all part of any united “conspiracy” between the people who are pushing them, they are all part of the crusade against God. His Minister also shares that the ultimate “spit-in-His-face” affront against God occurs when homosexuality is accepted as a norm – thus distorting and destroying the gift of sex God has given us in marriage. That’s one of the very few vestiges of the paradise of Eden that God has allowed us to keep. Throughout human history, every civilization that has reached a point of accepting homosexuality as right and normal has been destroyed, either by an act of God, or by God simply removing all protection from it. For that reason, fighting the push to “normalize” homosexuality in America is, in fact, a fight for the life of our civilization. The importance of that battle to Satan is reflected in the vehemence with which Jim’s stymying of the plan for Otter Falls is met.

An attempt is made to kill his wife with a bomb in her car. An attempt is made to force his daughter to jump off a high bridge to escape being raped and killed by another demon-spawn creature. It is there that Jim realizes the importance of a warning he has received from a spiritually discerning, Christian, Native American woman in his congregation. Her warning was that “He that is in us is stronger than he that is in the world.” When he understands the meaning, Jim reaches to swat the monster aside to save his daughter. When he touches the monster, it explodes in a flash of light and is gone.

An attempt is made to kill Jim with a high-powered rifle. He manages to chase down the sniper, who is also the one who murdered the woman, the one who planted the bomb in his wife’s car, etc. It is revealed he is the aide of Cameron Coolidge.
That revelation destroys Coolidge’s career in the federal government, and the president throws him under the bus. With his demonic and temporal resources exhausted, he sets out to personally get revenge on Goodman. He fails, of course – what kind of story would it be if the hero lost the battle and the villain won?

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