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Christian Author, Thomas Faulkner
Thomas Faulkner

Thomas Faulknerís Biography

Tom Faulkner was raised in upstate New York, and for years his parents tried to get him interested in reading. It was not until a certain television show was on the air, and books were written of the show, that he finally got interested in reading, and hasnít stopped since. Being raised in the Catholic Church, he always had a belief in God, but knew very little about His Word.

It wasnít until his aunt and uncle took him to a church where the Word was expounded and the invitation was given to receive Christ as Saviour. But it wasnít until his grandfatherís funeral where he accepted Christ as Saviour, and shortly after bought his first Bible.

He has been reading and studying the Bible since, and thanks the Lord Jesus for salvation and being set free from uncertainty and doubt.

Tom Faulkner is now the assistant Pastor of Grace Bible Fellowship in Bergen, New York.

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You will also learn whether this is Biblically sound, and how it compares to the truth of Godís Word.


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