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Christian Author Hiram Dorado
Hiram Dorado

Hiram Dorado is an intercessor and a prayer warrior who has served God since 1984. It was during the burial day of his own brother when he came to the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Hiram has been married to Cecy, a wonderful woman of God, since 1985 and together, they are very proud parents of their only daughter, Genesis. They reside in the state of Texas.
Hiram and his family have experienced many challenges during the military career with the United States Marine Corps and as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer. These challenges and circumstances have been at many times painful, close to death, and lonely, but they have been the methods, as well, to receive great revelations of God’s love, mercy and justice.
Although Hiram has served very close to people in the five-fold ministry such as Pastors, Prophets, Evangelists and Teachers, the nature of his secular careers (military and law enforcement) has restricted him to permanently stay at one place and become like “Timothy” to some five-fold ministry men of God. Since Hiram came to the revelation of His Lord and Savior, he had been longing for a very personal relationship which he would appreciate as mentorship, like the ones we know from the bible “Paul and Timothy”, “Moses and Joshua”, “Elijah and Elisha”, but God gives a mentor and instructs as He desires. The discipline, zeal, and humbleness in Hiram’s heart have been the ideal preconditions to receive instruction and knowledge from God however God desires (by His Word, His Holy Spirit, by the Five-fold ministry, or by very difficult life experiences). God has strategically placed Hiram in the careers of law enforcement and military service to create in his heart a heavy burden and faithful intercession to prophetically see the full restoration in many areas of our lives, lifestyles, values, principles, and ideas.
Hiram is also the author of and he is currently working in few other subjects that will bring a unique awareness of other opinions and standpoints that are misleading people at these present times. Hiram is just another ordinary person with no Doctor’s degree or any prestigious achievements, but he is the evidence how a very simple prayer with a very strong heartfelt desire can take the faith of a believer into a higher level of spiritual revelations and victories: “Father, God, I beg you to give me eyes that I can see you, ears that I can hear you, a heart that can feel yours, and a mouth that can speak your desires.”

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As an Intercessor, I have seen a great need in the Body of Christ for a fresh revelation of John 15:12-17. Many Preachers and TV Evangelists proclaim of the preordained and certain next coming of our Lord Jesus Christ within few years or at least during this generation. It is my prayer that we can all have this kind of expectancy too, but unfortunately there is an unbalance approach to this aspiration. We haven’t fulfill the mandate of Ephesians 4:13: “[That it might develop] until we all attain oneness in the faith and in the comprehension of the full and accurate knowledge of the Son of God; that [we might arrive] at really mature manhood – the completeness of personality which is nothing less than the standard height of Christ’s own perfection – the measure of the stature of the fullness of the Christ, and the completeness found in Him.” (Amplified).
After I have seen so many prayer requests desperately asking for hasty answers, I have scrutinized the need that a lot of people still have to receive fast miracles; unfortunately this approach has been moving people too far from the message of the cross and the certainty of who He actually is, beyond any shadow of a doubt. These desperate and impatience expectations definitely don’t help to reduce the gap between man and God’s objective to achieve an intimate relationship. The desire to get immediate answers to our prayers, has made it almost impossible to obtain the right attitude to get closer to God; I am referring to an unselfish dyeing of ourselves when everything around us seems to be collapsing (finances, friendships, relationships, career inspirations, retirement goals, etc.) but He still made a statement that no one can ignore or walk out of:
“And He said to all, if any person wills to come after Me, let him deny himself – that is, disown himself, forget, lose sight of himself and his own interest, refuse and give up himself – and take up his cross daily, and follow Me [that is, cleave steadfastly to Me, conform wholly to My example, in living and if need be in dying also].”(Luke 9:23 - Amplified)

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