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  Author's Page - Patricia Collier

Patricia Collier

Patricia Collier's Bio:

I was born and raised in Georgia. My parents instilled in me a love of reading. I was delighted to receive money on birthdays so that I could purchase the latest book in the Cherry Ames mystery series. One of my favorite childhood memories was bicycling with my mother to the bookmobile.

I developed an interest in history that led me to gather the personal accounts of medical corps personnel in World War II. HEALERS IN WORLD WAR II was published by McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, edited by Patricia W. Sewell (Collier) in 2001. Excerpts from my book were used in the series THE COLOR OF WAR on the History Channel in the episode "The Price of War."

Georgia history as it related to the American Revolution inspired me to write my present book THE HORNET’S NEST Book 1: "The Reluctant Wife." Although this book is fiction, I hope readers will gain insight into what these early Americans sacrificed for freedom. As I researched those years of turmoil, I came to understand that those veterans experienced the same trauma as our veterans are experiencing today. They returned with nightmarish memories, especially the American prisoners-of-war. Jacob, Taberah, and their friends discover that recovery from the past requires forgiveness.

May this remind us that there are blessings even in tough times. God has a perfect plan for each of us.


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The Hornet's Nest - Book 1
The Reluctant Wife

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Synopsis of  The Hornet's Nest - Book 1 - The Reluctant Wife


Jacob Stuart and his friends are veterans of the American Revolution, rebuilding their lives In Wilkes County, the area in Georgia where the fighting was so vicious that it was called the Hornet’s Nest.

But Jacob is facing a task more daunting than fighting for freedom. He must inform his late friend’s niece, Taberah McGregor, that they must wed one another to inherit his land and property.

Taberah has known sorrow and loneliness. When Jacob appears at her door, hope for her future is renewed.

Shortly after their marriage, just as their budding relationship is coming into full bloom, they are threatened by an unknown enemy. Will Taberah succeed in establishing a home and family as her life spirals out of control? Will she trust God’s perfect plan for her life?





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