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  Author Page - Earl Leonard Langguth

Earl Langguth with his wife Darleen
Earl Leonard Langguth & wife Darleen

Earl Leonard Langguth’s Biography

Earl Leonard Langguth was born in San Diego, California, in 1927 and grew up more or less uneventfully until high school graduation and induction into the army in 1945. Returning from service in the Army of Occupation in Korea, he attended the Colorado School of Mines, San Diego State University, the graduate faculties at Columbia University, and the Pacific School of Religion, ending his academic pilgrimage in 1956 with two degrees, an A.B. in Zoology and an M.Div. preparatory to becoming an ordained minister. For the next 43 years, he served in eight pastoral appointments in the Methodist Church in California. Retiring in 1997, he continued writing as a poet (Listening Christmas, 2001, and Illuminations, 2006). He has been published in The Christian Century, The Circuit Rider, and in a variety of newspapers; and his Evolution: The True Story of a Life That Changed is available from XLibris. Omnesia! Is dedicated to the memory of Mary Lu, his first wife, and he now is happily married to Darleen Langguth. They reside in Penn Valley, California

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A Novel of Christian Possibilities

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A Novel of Christian Possibilities

It is true that on that bright April morning John awoke to temporary amnesia, finding himself in unfamiliar surroundings and unable to remember who he was or how he had gotten there. This was quickly replaced by the terrifying experience of what he would call “Omnesia,” for with the return of his memories he found he shared them with no one else in the world, that everyone had forgotten him and even his remembered closest friends found in him an unrecognized stranger. How had this unique disaster happened, and what could he do to adapt himself to it? His wife had completely vanished from where she should have been and she also was unremembered there. If she could be found, would she still be married to him? Would she even know him? His only and chosen vocation not only required extensive academic preparation but also the endorsing recognition of ordaining bodies, and officially he did not exist and had no qualifications. Could a man with no past expect to achieve a desirable future? These questions must necessarily be answered, and his only resources were his memories and his faith. This is the account of the answers he found and the surprising discoveries he makes upon the way.

What kind of a book is this? Well, it might be a mystery if the cosmos can be the suspect; or it could be seen as science fiction, if the science involved is theology, the study of God. Could it happen? The British Astronomer Royal seems to think so!

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