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Frequently Asked Questions     

Please look over the Frequently Asked Questions below, to see if we answered your questions. If not please E-mail us. As questions are added and updated below, numbers and order may change, so please check below again.

  1. What is an Ebook?
         An Ebook is a book that is in electronic format, and is read on a computer, in a special program designed for that purpose. The Ebook is written in HTML language just like a web site on the Internet. However, the finished book can only be accessed in the special Ebook software which comes free with each book ordered. The security in our program also stops readers from sharing your book with others. (Also see question # 11)

  2. If an Ebook has to be in HTML,  like a web page, before you publish it, do I have to know how to set it up myself?  
    No!  If you have a web design program, and there are many on the market as well as free ones online, you can easily set up your book in HTML. If you go this way you can also take extra time to make it with all the special features and graphics you want. 
         If you set your Ebook up in HTML and design your author's page yourself, we will publish your Ebook and host your author's page on our site for $59.95.
          If you want us to design your Ebook in HTML we can do this for you. Our design division WebTech Design Group can set up your book in HTML for you with one of our design packages. (See questions #4 for information on packages.
         Remember, this will only need to be done once, then the finished book can be sold 1 million times or 100 million times. So if you want special things to make your book even better this will only need to be done once. (See question #4 & 5)

  3. So I'm basically paying you to publish my book? I recently had a friend warn me about companies that charge you to publish. Why am I paying to have something published when a conventional publisher might evaluate it's quality and print it themselves for a share in the sales? I can pay to get a book "self-published" at any number of places. What makes you different?   Sorry if this sounds obnoxious but I want someone who will publish my material because that material will sell. Would Zondervan or Harvest House ask me to pay them to print my book?
         I totally understand your concerns. There are many publishers like Zondervan, Baker Books, Harvest House  and others. They will publish a book and the author will get 8-10% of the net price, not the selling price. They will also receive thousands of submissions and will accept only a very small portion of those submissions for publication. They are also large corporations with millions of dollars to back their ventures. 
         We are a family owned business who are also writers. My wife is a screenwriter and freelance writer and I am a freelance writer and columnist. We understand that there are many good writers who will never get the chance to be published and have their works reach the public. However, we do not have a lot of money to venture on publishing projects. We have purchased the equipment and software needed to produce what we feel is the most secure Ebook around. What we charge is just the cost of labor to set-up and assemble the Ebook and publish it. We also pay for design, hosting and maintenance on the web site and design the pages to promote the site and the books of our authors. 
         Your work is very good and we like it. However if you have the chance for a company to accept your work and pay all the production cost, by all means go for it. Please try submitting to some of those and may the Lord bless your efforts.

  4. What does it cost to have you set-up my Ebook in HTML for me?  
    That depends on the way you want your finished Ebook manuscript to look,  including if you want additional content, photos, graphics, sound, etc. The cost is based on the amount of time it takes our staff to set-up your book into the HTML. However, our rates are very reasonable. Our design rate is $25.00 an hour. Most design companies charge $50 or more an hour. Our staff can make HTML for an Ebook  at the rate of 1-2 pages (chapters) an hour. Depending on if graphics are included. length of chapters and other content and factors. 
    To see our different complete publishing packages please look on our Publishing Page for current sales on packages at:
    (Also See question #5)

  5. Does it cost to have my Ebook  on your site, and do I have my own page on the site where I can send people to learn about me and purchase my E-book?
    If we publish your E-book it will be listed on our site for sale in our book store at no additional cost. However, we suggest to our authors that they have an author page on our site with information about them and their Ebooks so visitors can get too know more about the author and his/her writings, thus being more encouraged to purchase their Ebooks. If the author can design this page themselves, and send it to us in HTML, we will set  it up for free on our site and give them the URL (web address) to send people to view their author page. If they want us to design an author's page in HTML for them and post it to the site, and the package they have chosen does not include this feature, we can do this for $39.99. 

  6. How is my Ebook delivered to the customer? 
    Once the customer places an order for your E-book, we will process that order, setup the unique user name and password to access that Ebook and then send the book and access info to them by E-mail, or on disk, whichever they prefer.

  7. Will you edit my book to get it ready to publish?  
    No, your book should be finished and ready to go to press when we receive the manuscript for consideration.

  8. If you publish my Ebook, do I still own the rights to my work if a print publisher decides they want my book?   
    Many publishers ask for all or some rights so they can sell your book after you have severed ties with them. We do not ask for the rights to your literary property. You will always own your rights. If a print publisher makes you an offer, you can move ahead without our involvement. We will give you our prayers and blessings for your continued success.

  9. I self- published my book in print, can I still join your site and sell
    my book as an Ebook  too?
         Yes, you can. We will accept unpublished and self-published writers for our Ebook site. If you want we can also carry your print book on our site with your E-book version.

  10. Do my writings have to be in Ebook form before you will accepted them to sell on your site?  
    No. If it's already  an E-book, that is great. But it is not necessary. If we accept your book for our E-book Store site, you can publish your E-book yourself, or have someone else publish it for you. If you want us to publish your E-book we can do that too.

  11. Isn't an Ebook just an electronic document like I would get if I write my book in MS Word or WordPerfect and save it as a .txt document? Can't I  just sell my Ebook that way?  
    Yes, and No. An Ebook is an electronic document, and if you wrote a book as a .txt document you could sell it that way. However, that is not an E-book. An E-book is more! It is an electronic book, (Ebook) that you open. It can have a cover, it has can have pages, the text it contains can include pictures, sounds, music and more. Also, if you sell your book in the form of a .txt document, there is nothing to stop the person who buys it from giving it away to everyone they know. Those people can read it, without paying you, then they can give it away to everyone they know. (See question # 12)

  12. I saw a site that will publish my book for free. They said the books are
    in PDF format. Is this the same as your books?
         No, PDF is the format for files that are use with the Adobe Acrobat Reader®. This is a free program anyone can get, and in turn would allow anyone with it to read your book. Unless the site publishing the books have added some special security features, the system has little or no security for the writer. (See question #13)

  13. What's to stop a buyer from giving my Ebook to others, and me loosing sales?  
    There are many degrees of security in the Ebook publishing world. From no security at all, to a very high level of security. The system we use to make, deliver, and monitor the E-books we publish, is one of the most sophisticated there is, and has one of the highest forms of security there is, for our writers and their literary property.
        However, we have no way of knowing what the security features, are that are designed into the E-books made by others, and if there are even any at all. You will have to ask them. 

  14. What makes the Ebooks you publish more secure?  
    The security features  in our system are designed to make sure that your Ebook is not sold or given to anyone except the person it was bought for. After an E-book is delivered to the buyer, they, or the person they bought it for, will load it onto their computer and register and activate their copy of the Ebook with our secure E-book system. After the E-book is registered it will periodically contact our server via the Internet. 
         If that copy of the book tries to register on more than one computer, the unknown copy will not be allowed to open. Also, if a copy is purchased and later the credit card is charged back or the check bounces, we can simply close access to that copy of the E-book until payment has been made. This security will be active on each copy of your book for up to five years, and can be renewed for an additional five years.

  15. What is the cost to have these security measures on each copy of my E-book and maintain the security tracking for five years? 
    The security and Ebook tracking features are a part of the publishing system we use. If we publish your E-Book and it is sold in our E-book store, there is no additional charge for them. 

  16. How will I get paid, how often, and what is my royalty per Ebook sold?  
    You can be paid once a month, and can be paid in one of a couple of ways. One is by check and the other is through PayPal. This is a free secure service for sending money to anyone with an E-mail address. It is also one of the ways people will be able to pay for their E-book purchases in our store. The royalty you will receive is 50% of the price of the E-book. There is a  $2.00 charge to the buyer if they request the book on disk, and mailed to them. This  $2.00 fee is to cover our cost of disks and S&H and no royalty is paid from this fee.

  17. Will I be paid an advance when my book is accepted?  
         No. Our goal is to help new writers get their works out to the public. To do this we have to work on a tight budget, and with a minimum staff. If your book is good and sells well, you will be getting royalty payments each month. 

  18. How do I submit my book to you for consideration?  
    You should start with an e-mail, and include a one or two page synopsis of the book. We will respond to your submission within two weeks and tell you if we would like to see the complete manuscript.

  19. How long before I know if my book has been accepted?  
    That will depend on the number of submissions we have at the time. Although we should be able to read your submission, then likely get back to you within a month to let you know the status of your material.

  20. Will I have my own web page here on your site?
    Each author should have a page on the site, to give bio information and synopsis of their E-books. With this personal touch, you can let the readers know you a little better and in turn this may help more people want to read your E-books. If they liked your E-book, they will be able to tell others where to find your site. This will give them a place to go to check on your next E-book release. When we publish your E-book, your web page will be hosted on our site for free.  (See question # 5)

  21. How will you bring traffic to the site to see and buy our Ebooks?
         WebTech Design Group will be promoting the site to search engines, FFA links sites and many other places. We also will have banner ads on The Christian Link, and The Covenant Mall to be able to reach the thousands of visitors they have each month, as well as with banner ad exchanges and other resources. WE will also be placing ads in Christian newspapers and magazines in the near future.

 More questions are coming soon, so please check back.
If you have a question not covered here, please E-mail us.

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