The right accessories play a big part in successfully decorated rooms


It is better to have no accessories than the wrong accessories


Trends are constantly changing. The home décor items in vogue now were defined two or three years ago by designers, colorists and manufacturers.


Trends come and go at a faster rate than they did in the past. Many trends can be happening at the same time. In the seventies the trend was brown and orange in the eighties the trend was grey and pink.


The International Color Authority forecast ‘Tangerine’ and ‘Shady Violet’ as the key colors to lead trends for 2010. Other colors they predict to be in vogue are ‘Radiant Orange’, ‘Floral Red’, ‘Punchy Pink’, ‘Saffron’, ‘Delicate Ivory’ and ‘Contemplative Green’.                                                                                                                     


How do we keep up?


Use Accessories


An easy cost-effective way of keeping up is to use accessories.


They can be used to update a few rooms or the whole house.


They are a great inexpensive way of giving your home that professional        designer look


 This mini guide will help you!


By revealing 6 steps you can take when working with accessories. The steps have been developed and refined throughout the course of my career in interior design. Those with whom I have shared the steps have thanked me for helping them to work through the challenge of too many choices. Before I reveal the six steps I will briefly outline, what I mean by accessories and mention some current and coming trends.



It exactly are accessories?








                                    Art work



Any decorative item can be an accessory 

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