You Know You’re a

Sexy Senior When…

By Clean Corporate Comedian

Sally Edwards (


Smile and Enjoy the Ride!
(You grow up really fast.)

                                     - Sally Edwards



You Know You’re A Sexy Senior When:

Chapter One
Proud To Be ME


Nobody looks at your face and 
wonders if you’ve "had work done."


Every day you lose your keys or your purse
and sometimes both. 


You think everyone under 50 is a “kid”.


 AARP sends you a Christmas card.




You wear wrap around sunglasses that make 
you look cool in a very unique way.


You buy clothes sold in the drugstore.



You wear less makeup to look good.


You carry your urine sample with pride.


Your grandchildren won’t let go of your leg.



You hire a handyman to do one job and give him twenty.




People tell you they like your mustache when
you didn’t know you had one.


You cut your toenails with the weedwacker.


The dress you’re sewing matches your drapes.






Your new bathing suit comes with a skirt.





You win at your favorite board game.





You tell your grandchildren that your 
first pet was a Triceratops.



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